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Sump Pumps

Sump Pumps and Drain Tile

Wet basements are a real nuisance! Water on the floor, damp pipes and wet basement walls can make a basement unusable.

​When your basement is damp your stored items will become moldy, rusty and unusable.

The musty air will rise through your house and could fill your house with mold and spores. Mold can cause allergies to flare up and increase illnesses such as; colds and respiratory problems.

To fix these problems the water around your foundation needs to be removed. We can do this by installing drain tile. Drain tile is common in new homes, but largely was not installed in homes of the past.

We will install drain tile around the inside of the basement walls along with a sump pump pit and new submersible sump pump. Drain tile will collect water as it comes up under your house and the drain tile will direct it to your sump pit. The sump pump will carry the water from the sump pit out to your yard. This keeps moisture from seeping up through your floor and through the walls.

The final step is purchasing a dehumidifier to keep control of the moisture in your air.

Service Area

  • Fond du Lac County
  • Dodge County
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  • Green Lake County
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  • Fond du Lac
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"Josh came out to resolve a plumbing issue at my home. He was punctual, and professional. I have some other plumbing projects coming up and he will be the first person I call."
Rick Rodriguez