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Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning and Inspection

Drains can become blocked for a number of reasons and while not overly complicated they definitely require expertise to correctly fix the problem.

Many pipes that back up can have future problems due to their age. Our goal is to remove blockages and/or root intrusion as thoroughly as possible to extend the time between these occurrences.

Your main drains which are under the basement and yard can have very large root blockages or other debris and require video inspection to completely remove the roots. We use video inspection with each clogged sewer line to completely remove blockages.

Sink, tub and shower drains usually become clogged with hair, soap and mineral buildup. Harsh chemicals can fix these problems temporarily, but not long term. These chemical liquefy the blockage and move it down the line where it hardens again causing problems in the near future. These harsh chemicals usually have no effect on mineral build up and actually corrode the pipes.These chemicals are often corrosive to strainers and other fixtures they come into contact with.

Professional cleaning will remove these blockages and keep the inside of the pipe open for a much longer time, saving money on chemicals and damage they cause. Best of all they will flow far better than any pipe that was opened with chemicals only.

Service Area

  • Fond du Lac County
  • Dodge County
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What Our Customers Are Saying:

"I cannot say enough good things about Josh. I called him frantically needing answers after our basement flooded just hours before we would close on our home. He came out after 5pm to review our property and was incredibly thorough and efficient. The buyer and I both appreciated everything he did to help us go forward with closing. I highly recommend Josh! You will not be disappointed"
Jacinta Radl